Coronavirus Update – Prescription Requests

The practice has seen an increase in requests for repeat medications which as a practice we are actively discouraging. We are already seeing similar situations in supermarkets and shops and this affects the whole supply system. If widespread ‘stocking up’ of medications occur, the supply chain will not cope and we could find ourselves in a situation like we are experiencing in supermarkets where we are having serious stock shortage issues.

We wish to assure our patients of the following:

  • There is emergency contingency planning in place to ensure that in the event of an outbreak like this, access to medical care and pharmacies will continue.
  • If a patient has to self-isolate it will only be for a maximum of 14 days.
  • GP surgeries will still be able to issue prescriptions and pharmacies will still be able to supply during this period. Many pharmacies can continue to deliver to patients.

We thank all our patients in advance for considering this before making their requests as this enables us to continue to deliver services effectively during these challenging times to all our patients.

  • Do not come to the GP surgery reception to request your prescription.
  • Do drop off your prescription requests in the letter box at the rear of the building
  • Do sign up to the NHS app or call the surgery to get online access set up so you can request your medication online.