National Autistic Society - Surrey

NAS Surrey offers a variety of meetings, talks, parent programmes and activities for families with children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs).

Telephone: 07423 435 413 – answerphone (Please note: we are all volunteers so can’t reply immediately. We aim to respond to calls as quickly as possible.)

Website: www.nassurreybranch.org

Email: NASSurreyBranch@NAS.org.uk

Surrey Information Point

For local information and support for you and your family including health, getting around, looking after someone and things to do.

Website: www.surreyinformationpoint.org.uk

Surrey Coalition of Disabled People

Surrey Coalition of Disabled People campaigns and promotes the rights of disabled people to equality of opportunity and to live independently. They run a selection of networks that you can join to enable you to have a voice on things that matter to you where you live and help co-design health and social care services.



Telephone: 01483 456558

Text: 07780 933 053

Website: www.surreycoalition.org.uk

Surrey Independent Living Council (SILC)

SILC offers a range of services to help you live independently including support to find and manage a personal assistant.

Twitter: @silc

Facebook: www.facebook.com/silconline

Telephone01483 458 111


Website: www.surreyilc.org.uk

Library Direct

If you have difficulty getting to your local Surrey library due to ill health, disability, mobility problems or caring responsibilities and still want to enjoy books and audio books then you may be eligible for the Library Direct service.

Website: www.surreycc.gov.uk/people-with-disabilities/libraries-direct

Sensory Services by Sight for Surrey

Provides a wide range of support, including information about sensory impairment, provision of specialist equipment and IT support, communication, mobility and independent life skills rehabilitation training, welfare benefits information and support, social work support for Deaf sign language users, sign language interpreting and communication support and communicator guides/vision impairment specialist support workers.

Twitter: @sightforsurrey

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SightforSurrey

Telephone: 01372 377701

Website: sightforsurrey.org.uk


Stroke Association

Offers support, friendship and a variety of activities across Surrey. Find local groups on Surrey Information Point.

Website: www.surreyinformationpoint.org.uk


They support children, young people and adults with disabilities or complex needs by providing specialised activities that promote independence and give families a short break.

Facebook: @YMCAEastSurrey

Twitter: @YMCAEastSurrey

Telephone: 01737 222859

Website: www.ymcaeastsurrey.org.uk

Email: john.brunswick@ymcaeastsurrey.org.uk

Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership (SDPP)

SDPP is an independent organisation run by disabled people. They offer a range of free, independent and confidential services for Surrey residents, including advocacy, support groups, information and brokerage.

Twitter: @sdpp2

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sdpp2

Telephone01784 458200

Text: 07519 86452

Website: www.sdpp.org.uk

Surrey Choices

If you are struggling with everyday tasks, then simple equipment, practical aids, new technology or small changes to your home can make the difference between living independently and needing someone to help you or it can make caring for someone easier.

Website: www.surreycc.gov.uk/staying-independent

Surrey Virtual Wellbeing Hub

Find virtual events and services that meet your needs and improve mental health and wellbeing, keeping you connected while you stay at home.

Website: virtualwellbeing.healthysurrey.org.uk

Active Surrey

Get help to be more active and improve your health and wellbeing with Active Surrey.

Twitter: @activesurrey

Facebook: www.facebook.com/activesurrey

YouTube Videos: www.youtube.com/activesurrey


Learning Disability and Autism Groups

If you’d like to meet providers and commissioners of local health and social care services to shape and discuss services for people with a learning disability or autism, there are a number of local networks to join.


Email: ldcommunications@surreycc.gov.uk

Parkinson’s UK

Use Surrey Information Point to find local Parkinson’s groups, services and activities.

Website: www.surreyinformationpoint.org.uk/Parkinsons